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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PT Packing

If you remove the back seats from your car, you can really pack stuff in. Here's the old PT Cruiser at Tractor Supply:

Six bags of shavings, two bags of feed, and a bunch of other stuff! And here's another trip:

It isn't like we were actually using those back seats. 



Baveld said...

Becky, noticed you were buying bags of shavings. Don't know why you need those but… I compost and use mulch for my garden beds. I get wood shavings and sawdust free from local cabinet makers. They make all their products out of good wood (no pine or cedar) so the shavings are good for animal bedding to. I just take them a garbage can (easier to transport than a bag). They fill it up and away I go. Just a thought.

Becky Mushko said...

The shavings are for my horse. Since I only have one horse and she doesn't require much bedding, it is much cheaper and easier to buy a few bags of shavings at a time instead of a truckload.

Pine shavings are best for horse bedding, and and a sweaty horse can dry off by rolling in them. As for "good wood," walnut shavings are toxic to horses and can cause laminitis. I've never heard of any stable using oak shavings. Pine is safest.