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Friday, March 30, 2012

More March Bargains

Today I went to the Westlake Library's used book sale. I was able to get all these books—and the Roots miniseries on VHS (yeah, we still have some VHS players)—for a total of  $11.50.

While at Westlake, I also went up the road to Goodwill and found a few goodies. For instance, this rural-themed ceramic tissue cover (79¢) will look great in the downstairs guest bathroom. 

The little Chinese cat vase ($1.95) is a welcome addition to all my cat-themed stuff. The vase has the same facial expression as my kitty Jim-Bob.

I also found two small cderamic planters—50¢ for the plain white one with a butterfly design and 95¢ for the painted one. I was delighted to find another little wooden cat (79¢) that looks like a Laurel Burch-style design.

The little wooden cat fits right in with my other two—also Goodwill finds. There are some similar wooden cats on Etsy for $10.

The Goodwill worker had just put out this grapevine door or wall hanging. Got it for a dollar! It will go on one of my outside doors, but I'm not sure which one.

My best deal ($2.99) was probably this tray—an International Silver Webster-Wilcox tray in  the "Joanne" design. I could just barely make out the engraving on the back that told me what it was.

It's tarnished but otherwise in good shape. It'll look nice when I polish it. I Googled and found one in excellent condition looks like mine:

And I also found one for sale on eBay that's way more tarnished than the one I bought:

Here's the eBay price: 

I guess I got a couple of good deals.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Bargains

Today I went bargain hunting in two places in Rocky Mount—the Franklin County Library's used book sale and Purrfect Treasures. At the library sale, I bought all these books for a total of $3.50— a pretty good bargain.

After leaving the library, I went up Route 220 to Purrfect Treasures, the fundraising store for Franklin County Humane Society. Purrfect Treasures always has some neat stuff. But would I find anything I would like?

Turns out I did. I found a pot and a pin. The flower pot ($1.50) was kind of heavy. The pin ($1.00) was another "House Pin" by Lucinda. I'd bought one of Lucinda's pins last month at the Westlake Goodwill and knew that the $1 price was a great bargain.

The back of the pot had a number. I don't know what this means. It's hard to see, but the Lucinda tag is on the back of the pin.

My best buy, though a lot more than what I'd intended to spend, was in the downstairs room at Purrfect Treasures. It was a big metal horse head that had been reduced to $30. I really liked it because it reminded me of War Horse, the movie I'd seen last month. The name on the base was Carolyn Kinder.

I had to have it. I have no idea where I'll put it. But it can't sit in this living room chair forever.