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Thursday, October 1, 2015

PT Cruiser Window fix

I originally posted about my husband's repair of our PT Cruiser's window on my Peevish Pen blog in June 2014. I'm reposting it here because we haven't had any trouble with his repair job for more than a year and because this post illustrates how you can learn to do stuff from watching YouTube videos.

When the driver's side window on our oldest PT Cruiser refused to close, my husband turned to his trusty iPad for help. A bit of Googling turned up a very helpful YouTube video that explained how to replace a broken power window regulator, which was apparently the old PT's problem.

My husband watched the video a few times and, again using his trusty iPad, ordered the necessary parts. This is what a PT door looks like when it's taken apart:

Fortunately, our wi-fi just reaches the garage, so the iPad was propped up while my husband messed with took the door apart. It only took a couple of days for the part to arrive.

The part of the door not being messed with worked on was propped against the truck's tire.

With a lot of stopping the video and rewinding, my husband was able to successfully repair the door.

Just in case you're interested (but I'll bet you're really not), here's the video he watched:

YouTube videos can be a great place to learn—and the knowledge costs nothing. Search for the kind of info you're looking for and a list of potential videos will appear. Just make sure you watch more than one video about any subject (some videos are more reliable than others).