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Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Buys

I found a couple of bargains at the Discovery Shop yesterday and at the Rocky Mount Goodwill today.

At Goodwill I bought this cute little cabinet for $1.95. I'm not sure what I'll put in it, but it will go in my study.

The doors open to reveal a shelf. Magnets help[ the doors stay closed.

Someone hand-painted flowers on the doors.

A sticker on the back says "Countrymommi Originals '2003' NS."

I also found this pretty planter for 50¢. (The two items behind it are Goodwill finds from several months ago.)

At the Discovery Shop, this basket was $2. It's the right size to keep files in. I also bought the little velour-covered "Anything Book" for 75¢. It'll be good for jotting notes.

Jim-Bob likes the basket.

Maybe he likes it a little too much. Or maybe he's just checking to see how much it will hold.

Today I also bought a bunch of books at the Franklin County Library book sale.