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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paper, paperback, pot, etc.

At the Rocky Mount Goodwill, I spent $8.34 on the following items: a looseleaf notebook, a ceramic pot, a copy of Ann Rinaldi's A Ride Into Morning, a wooden welcome sign, and two rolls of wallpaper.

I'd read Ann Rinaldi's The Coffin Quilt years ago, and liked the way she wrote. The paperback of A Ride Into Morning that I bought is the 1991 edition (marked $6 but I paid $1), not the 2003 re-issue. 

According to the label inside, the ceramic pot was originally sold at JoAnn stores. Did anyone actually pay $9.99 originally? I paid 50¢.

The label from the wooden folk-artish "Welcome Friends" sign had been removed, so I have no idea what it was originally worth—I paid $1.95. It goes with my country-look decor, so I'll find a place to hang it.

The notebook would be about $1.79 or so at an office supply store, so it was worth the 50¢ I paid. I don't know what I will do with the pre-pasted  "International Group" vinyl wallpaper, but at 95¢ a roll, I'll think of something.

As for the cat tote, it had cats on it, and one can never have too many tote bags.