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Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 2013 Bargains

Today I went to the Franklin County Library's used book sale and spent $3.50. Hardbacks were 50¢ and paperbacks were 25¢. Here's what I bought:

The 1977 facsimile edition of Edith Holden's 1906 The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady was delightfully illustrated. 

The 1978 edition of Brian Froud and Alan Lee is lovely, too, in a creepy sort of way. The 2010 collector's edition is $22.05 on Amazon. The price on the inside flap of mine says $14.95 until Dec. 31, 1978, then it becomes $17.50. 

I've long been a fan of the Foxfire books (and I even used to show my junior high students a Foxfire movie about Aunt Arie), so I was glad to get Aunt Arie, a Foxfire Portrait, currently available on amazon for $17.12 (reg. $23).  

Sara Midda's 1981 edition of In and Out of the Garden is delightful. The price on the inside flap of this first printing is $14.95. A 2008 version goes for $17.62 (reg. $24.50) on Amazon.

Roy Strong's A Country Life: At Home in the English Countryside is out of print but available on Kindle for $7.59. The 1994 edition I bought has $19.95 on the flap.

Wayne Hanley's 1977 edition of Natural History in America: From Mark Catesby to Rachel Carson is out of print. The original price was $19.95. Leslie John's 1974 Plants in Tubs, Pots, Baskets, and Boxes was originally $8.95.

Since I have a 2009 MacBook, I figured I should get the manual: MacBook All-in-One for Dummies. This is the 2010 version, but my operating system is Snow Leopard, the one mention in the originally $34.99 book. (Yeah, I'm two operating systems behind. . . .)

I think I got a pretty good deal on my books. And I helped out the Friends of the Library. Later I stopped by the discovery shop where I found a brand new cover for my kitchen stool. Only $2.75—and it matches my favorite tablecloth.

I also found another kitchen item, a Paula Deen 2-quart stainless steel copper-bottomed saucepan with a glass lid. It was pretty well-used, but still in good shape. I figured it was well worth the $2.00.

Later, I looked up the saucepan online. I found a similar one at Walmart online for $32.58. Mine is missing the ring in the handle, though. Home Depot has it for only $29.99.

I guess I did OK for bargain shopping today.