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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheap Calendars

I like to have several calendars in the house, as well as a monthly planner on my desk and a small planner in my purse. I'd already gotten a nice free calendar from the feed store, but I wanted a couple more. I bought these today at Dollar General in Rocky Mount:

Office supply stores want way more than $1.50 for a monthly planner, my most expensive purchase. I think I got a pretty good deal.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pin and Pottery

I got a couple of good deals at Goodwill yesterday. At the Westlake store, I found this neat metal pin, which I thought was a cat's face.

It cost a dollar, but I thought it might be worth at least ten. Info on the brochure told me the creator was David A. Wright, which helped me track down his website, Mud and Metal. On the site, I found a similar "cat face brooche" priced at $14. I also looked around eBay and found another cat face pin: 

Looks like my impression of the price was about right!

Another item I bought was this ceramic thingie. Info on the bottom told me it made by Emerson Creek Pottery in 1998.

The piece is five inches tall and about four inches wide. Inside, the bottom is kind of wavy, not smooth. It has holes on both sides, so I'm thinking it might be a candleholder of some sort. I didn't see any pieces like this on Emerson Creek's web site, so I assume whatever it is isn't being made anymore. Anybody know for sure what it is?

 Apparently the pattern isn't made any more, because I couldn't find it on the web site either. I did learn from a bit of Googling that it's called "Summer Bouquet." (I found a mug in that pattern for $8.)

Anyhow, I think the pottery piece—whatever it is—is worth way more than the 50¢ I paid for it.