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Sunday, September 19, 2010


A few weeks ago, I found a large fiberglass urn at the dumpster. It looked as if someone had spray-painted it silver. I figured I could use it for something.

I thought it might look better than the plastic tub that currently holds the ficus. Sure looked like the ficus would fit.

 So I cleaned up the urn and bought some spray paint designed for plastic. The paint cost less than $5.

I thought sage green looked a lot better than the metallic silver. The urn, which looked as if it were originally a sand color, took less than a can. After the paint dried, I sat the ficus's tub inside the urn. Before I repot the ficus, I want to see how it looks.

Looks pretty good, considering the condition of the ficus (which someone gave me a few years ago). But I wondered how much an urn like this cost? The brand Grosfillex was stamped on its inside. I did some Googling and found these Grosfillex urns that are about the same size as mine:

They're not quite the same, but they're similar. I figure mine would have cost forty-something new.

I guess I got a good deal.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Recently I was shopping the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg with my former college roommate. I'd needed a new pair of sneakers for months and found a pair at the Reebok/Rockport Outlet.