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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

E-coupons at Kroger

My husband and I shop once a week at our local Kroger, We used to shop on Tuesdays because that was Senior Citizen Day, but Kroger recently did away with the 5% discount for shoppers over 55. So, we have to be creative in how we save.

Fortunately we can still save a bit by using e-coupons, which I download from the Kroger website a day or two before we shop. I remember the days of cutting and sorting grocery coupons (and I confess I still do it on rare occasions), but downloading e-coupons from onto my Kroger card is much easier and more efficient. Notice how many e-coupons I used on the receipts below: 

Also notice on the receipts above that if I fill out an online survey about my shopping experience, I can have 50 extra gas points added to my card. Each dollar we spend at Kroger earns us a gas point, and we usually accumulate a thousand a month,. That really helps at the gas pump (each 100 points=10¢ off per gallon).

But back to e-coupons: My husband and I shop together. Since I have to use a handicapped buggy and he pushes a regular cart, it’s easier if we split up. So, I print out two lists of e-coupons—one for each of us.  I use a highlighter to mark things on my husband’s list that he might like, and I mark things on mine that I want to get.  We save time by going our separate ways and meeting at the checkout.

Another way to save money—besides using e-coupons—is to be aware of ways grocery stores try to get shoppers to spend more. Find out how at this link:

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