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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oneida Blues

While I was in Roanoke today, I stopped at the Goodwill at the intersection of Brambleton and Rt. 419. I rarely find anything good in that store, but today I was feeling lucky. I just happened to see a few things I maybe could use—a large wooden initial (55¢), an outdoor sun plaque (55¢), a little cat basket that I can use to hold office supplies (99¢), and a small ceramic something that looks like a coaster (55¢).

Not great finds, but cheap enough. I kept browsing, though, and found some white soup bowls with blue rims (4 for a dollar).

I can always use bowls that size and I loved the color, so I bought all six. Further down the aisle I spotted some matching salad plates. Further down, I saw dinner plates.

Hmmm. Should I get them. Why not?  I checked the backs and discovered they were microwave and dishwasher safe. Plus they were a brand name—Oneida—and they were in really good shape. I bought all they had—four salad plates and five dinner plates. My total Goodwill bill came to $6.47, including tax.

Did I get a good deal? I Googled the name—Maitre de Porcelain—and found that the pattern was one Oneida had discontinued, but plenty of it was still for sale online. Here are three screenshots:

Given the prices I found on the Internet, I guess I didn't do too badly. 

Plus these Oneida dishes look great with the Pfaltzgraff ones I bought over a year ago and some I bought last May.



Lisa Cantine said...

I am searching everywhere for these to replace the ones I broke! Did they have any more?

Becky Mushko said...

I doubt it. This was a while back, and I bought most of what they had. The good stuff goes fast there.