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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cat Plate

At the Discovery Shop yesterday, I saw a plate I just had to have. It had just been put out. Although it was marked $4, the shop was having a special sale 25% off almost everything, so I got the plate for $3.

At home, I looked at the back and saw it was from "Cats by Nina." 

A bit of Googling turned up her website: Nina's Big Store. I checked her site to see if that plate was on it. It wasn't, but there were some similar cat ear plates:

I clicked on them and found what they sell for:

I guess I got a good deal.

Edited to add: I got in touch with Nina Lyman, who creates wonderful animal art on her website. Turns out my cat plate is a reproduction. But it's still a really nice plate.


1 comment:

Anne Way Bernard said...

Wow, love it...the plate and the deal! I lost my cat recently, he was 12...miss him so much. Love your cat postings.(Dogs and horses too, but the cats seem to RULE)