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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Decorated Cat Pin

Today at the Westlake Goodwill, I made a few good buys. I hadn't planned to buy any jewlery, but I confess that I did.

Since I love cats, this pin caught my eye. Usually pins at Goodwill sell for a dollar, but this one was a bit more. Should I splurge? It was still attached to its original card and looked like a nice piece of jewelry.

The card the pin came on had an inside:

On the inside was a message from the artist. (You'll probably have to click on it to read it.)

Hmmm. The artist's statement bode well for the little pin. I decided to buy it. When I got home, I did a bit of Googling it to see if I'd gotten ripped off. I found the pin on the Zarah website, but—alas!—no price.

There was a link to Paul Brent's website, but no info about the "Decorated Cat" pin. So I Googled more. Finally I found some identical pins and their prices:

OK, that made me feel better. I guess I got a good deal after all.

How much did I pay? A whopping $1.39.

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Harlot O'Scara said...

Good deal! Shopping in second-hand stores always seems like a treasure hunt to me. My sister has always collected antique and interesting pins. Instead of carrying a regular purse, she bought a small canvas backpack and covered it with her pin collection. It made a striking conversation piece, and she could enjoy her collection all the time.