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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Down the Road Deals

I didn't have to leave the neighborhood to get some bargains today. I found a few interesting things just down the road. After hubby and I visited our Union Hall farm this morning, we stopped at Clay's Consignment Shop to see if he had anything interesting. He did.

I got a sugar bowl and creamer in the International pattern Ella's Rooster to match the dinnerware I'd gotten from Clay at his other location four years ago. I almost didn't get them, but then he lowered the price to $4. I also saw a cute cat plaque that matches both my decor and philosophy—$2.

Did I get a deal? Let's see. A bit of Googling produced these results:

Looks like I got a very good deal on the sugar bowl and creamer!

Hmmm. $8.99 for the cat plaque. Looks like I didn't do too badly. 

Next door to Clay, Pete Pasley was having sale of some of his sister's things. I saw an 8" Revere Ware skillet that I could use. It was $1.50

The bottom is copper-clad.

The inside of the lid and pan revealed they were in great shape.

But did I get a deal? Looks like I did.

I also paid 75 cents for this microwave bacon cooker in its original box.

It had never been used. One side microwaves bacon . . .

 . . . and the other makes potato chips.

Did I get a deal? I don't know. I couldn't find it priced separately, but I did find this:

I guess I got some good buys today.


Cathy Kennedy said...

Wowza Becky, you have a sharp eye for catching super deals! :D

I just love learning about this sort of thing. Way to go!

Franz X Beisser said...

Good stuff. I'm a stuff kind of a guy also. I also have a full basement, a large attic, and a 20'x24' shed just for stuff.