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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tote & Bag

Today at the Rocky Mount Goodwill, I bought two bags, a handbag and a tote bag. Both are big enough to carry my MacBook, should I wish to lug it around. I paid a whopping $8 for the handbag, which was new and still had some tags attached. It's a Maxine Marsh "Rosetta Shopper," but I wasn't able to Google up that particular bag, so I don't know if I got a good deal or not.

Inside there's a zipper compartment and a few pockets. I'm kind of disorganized and need separate compartments so I can find things.

I paid $3 for the tote bag, which has a dangly disk that says "Apostrophe." The well-made tote looks new, but I can't be sure. Again, I had no luck Googling it. 

Besides the two bags, I bought 10 coat hangers for 75¢. I always need hangers. Here's what the backs of the bags look like:


1 comment:

Stephanie Faris said...

LOVE the purse. I'm a purse fiend. Always looking for cute purses at good prices.