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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Bargains

I bought all these books for a total of $4.75 at the Franklin County Library's used book sale today. They had hardcovers for 50¢ and paperbacks for 25¢.

The Terrible Truth About Lawyers is for my husband, whose hobby is watching cases in court. The others are or me. Two books, How to Write a Children's Book and Get it Published (1991) and Writing for Children and Teenagers (1989) are horribly out-dated. I figured they'd be good for laughs. At 50¢ each, they beat the Amazon prices.

Since Edna St. Vincent Millay is one of my favorite poets, I was glad to score Savage Beauty. It's $10.81 on Amazon; I only paid 50¢. I'd wanted to read Growing Up, Russell Baker's autobiography, for a while. On Amazon, the paperback is $7.99; I spent 25¢ for it. Charles Kuralt's America, another book I've wanted to read for a while, is $10.76 for the paperback on Amazon. The one I bought is a hardback.

The old book just below Chloe the kitty is a 1945 edition of Laughing Stock: Over Six Hundred Jokes and Anecdotes of Uncertain Vintage, edited by Bennett Cerf. It was in the freebie box. The 2009 edition is $20.77.

On Amazon, Rhett Butler's People is $10.76; Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway is $10.49; Sharyn McCrumb's Sick of Shadows (the first in the Elizabeth McPherson mysteries) is a variety of prices: I bought the 1989 mass market paperback edition.

The Friends of the Franklin County Library hold a sale every month at the main library in Rocky Mount. I think I got some pretty good deals.

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R.M. said...

Russell Baker's 'Growing Up' is one of my all-time favorite books! He grew up in Lovettsville, so he's a 'local' plus he and the wife rented a house in Maine for years and that was my mother-in-law's house! You are lucky to have found this book, and for a steal!