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Monday, September 13, 2010


Recently I was shopping the Prime Outlets in Williamsburg with my former college roommate. I'd needed a new pair of sneakers for months and found a pair at the Reebok/Rockport Outlet.

 Where shoes are concerned, I'm hard to fit—plus I have some foot issues, but I found a pair of Rockports that fit perfectly.

The price on the box said comparable to $80 but was reduced to $59.00. The exact shoes were on a discount website for $76.95 (originally $81):
But wait! These sneakers were on sale for $49.00. A good deal, right?

But the deal gets better. If I bought another pair, I could get the second pair for half-price. Two pair sneakers for $73.50. And I could use a second pair, so I found a pair my size in bone/taupe.
But—the price could be even better if I had an AAA card. That would give me another 20% off. Trouble is, I didn't have one.

But my former roommate did, and the clerk accepted it. Total for my two pair sneakers, including Virginia sales tax: $62.94.

Sometimes it pays to shop with a friend.

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