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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bayou Chairs Renewed

When I was a kid, these chairs sat on our front porch.

They'd faded a lot through the years. A little sanding and paint renewed them:

Total cost: About $5 worth of Rustoleum.


GypsySunrise said...

Very nice! I like doing the same thing, restoring old furniture. Sometimes it can turn out to look better than brand new! =)

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

And if you wanted to make some money, you could take them up to Jersey and sell them for fifty bucks each. Or more. I'm only kidding. Never get rid of old things. They look great. I love those chairs.

Becky Mushko said...

These chairs are from my childhood. Whenever I look at them, I see the front porch of Mama's house in Roanoke. The chairs sat on that porch for 50 years.