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Thursday, May 31, 2012

$5 Discovery

It's not often we go to the Discovery Shop at Westlake two days in a row, but yesterday we were at Westlake for my husband's eye appointment and stopped in the Discovery Shop on the way home. 

The shop is going to install new carpet this weekend, and they were trying to clear out the store by offering a 25% discount on everything. John bought me a ceramic cat that was marked $5, but cost him $3.75. Here's the cat on one of my memorabilia shelves in the den.

I found a star-shaped pin that, marked down, cost me 75¢. It joined the two pins I'd gotten earlier at Goodwill for a dollar each.

Today, we were at Westlake Krogers to use our 1,000 points to buy gas at a dollar off per gallon. We had the back of the truck filled with gas cans so we could get as many gallons as possible for the price. We had to pass the Discovery Shop on the way home, so we stopped—and saw this:

This sale had just started today and applied to the room where housewares, fabrics, and electronics were displayed. Well, we got a bag and commenced to fill it.

Then we filled it more. We got some stuff we didn't really need because the stuff was such a good bargain.

At the checkout counter, our bag filled several paper (and one plastic) bag. Luckily we had a bit of room in the truck.

What did we get? John bought a lot of electrical stuff—assorted cords, etc.—that I didn't bother to take pictures of. But here are some pictures of some of our more interesting loot:

Tablecloth, two brass wall sconces and a brass candlestick, candles, a crystal candleholder, pewter Jefferson cup, pewter tankard, pewter goblet, three chargers, an old telephone insulator, a yellow linen tablecloth . . .

. . . a red tablecloth with heart appliques, some craft stuff, four washcloths, four green napkins, three small flowerpots, some picture frames, a hanging bird feeder, etc.

Going by the prices on the items, we would have spent about $90 for everything (well, 25% off $90-something). I'm glad we discovered this $5 bargain.

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CatSlave said...

Wow, nice hunting.