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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coupons, Cats, and Sony

Today was one of my better shopping days at Kroger—much better than last week. I had some really good coupons—including one for $24 off my shopping order that came in today's mail. Good thing we waited for the mail before we went to town.

With coupons I'd downloaded onto my Kroger card, a printout of current specials (including $5 off if I bought 10 particular items),  coupons I clipped from yesterday's Sunday's newspaper, and coupons Kroger mailed to me, I bought over well $200 worth of groceries for $152.83.

After we returned home, put away our groceries, and lunched on barbeque chicken (I had a dollar off coupon for the chicken), we went to the feed store in Moneta to get some baled shavings and some horse feed. Instead of taking the truck, which uses too much gas, we took the old PT Cruiser with the back seats removed.  There was more than enough room for four bales of pine shavings and two 50-lb bags of horse feed.

Since we passed through Westlake on our way to Moneta, we stopped at the Discovery Shop, where I found a couple of cat-themed decorative items. I paid a whopping $3 for the patchwork cat, but the little wooden basket had been marked down to $1.50.

Of course both items received a cat scan from Chloe.

Here's the back view of both Chloe and the patchwork cat (which nicely matches the color of the cabinet I recently painted).

My husband got lucky at the Discovery Shop. He bought a Sony headphone AM-FM sports radio for $4. He'll wear it when he mows the lawn. 

Later he checked the price of the Sony radio online. Sony no longer makes that model, but he found several available from

If the Amazon price is right, I guess he got a good deal.


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