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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Cabinet II

The newly painted cabinet fits right into the space beside my laundry closet. Because the cabinet isn't very deep, the louvered doors have room to open. The burgundy red paint works well with the muted burgundy squares in the vinyl flooring and with the red in the wallpaper.

Olivia (mother of kitties Jim-Bob and Chloe) is breakfasting in front of the cabinet. Although Olivia coordinates well with the colors, I really need to find another place for the cat buffet. 

Above the cabinet are some peg hangers that I bought cheap when Salem Creek (a decorative accessory store in Roanoke) was having a sale about 20 years ago. 

From the pegs hang some cutting boards that my husband made from walnut lumber that came from our Smith Farm in the 60s.  On the right is a stockyard cane that we've had for years, and beside it is a wooden thingie that measures dry spaghetti.

Let's take a closer look at my folk-art decorative items. 

All were Goodwill finds; the cat, rabbit, and pie lady were a dollar each. The chalkboard was 75 cents. The bowl was 25 cents, and the pie candle that fits nicely in the bowl was $1.25. That little horse was my splurge at $2.75.


Harlot O'Scara said...

Thrifty chic is where it's at. Very nice collection.

Lynn said...

Enjoying your blog! Beautiful pictures and saving money is the bottom line!